I’m a Hulkamaniac & fan of 70’s, 80’s & 90’s Pro Wrestling (WWE, NWA, WCW, WCCW, ECW, etc.)

I’ve written articles for Canada’s Canoe SLAM! Sports:
Nostalgic For Wrestling

Camel Clutch Blog:
6 Demands of Vince McMahon
I Hope Ric Flair is Still Wrestling at Age 80
50 Pro Wrestling Truths You Don’t Wanna Hear (Part 1)
50 Pro Wrestling Truths You Don’t Wanna Hear (Part 2)
6 Humble Suggestions for Vince McMahon & WWE Creative

wrcI’m a Columnist at Wrestlecrap! (The Greatest Pro Wrestling Website in Existence), where I contribute to 2 Sections:
Re-writing the Book (where an angle, gimmick or storyline is reinterpreted) and Headlies (think The Onion, but for Pro Wrestling).

My RWTB is:
What If Hulk Hogan Never Left the AWA?
It’s in a serialized form and Part 10 (as well as a prologue, epilogue & bonus chapter will be available by Christmas 2013 as a whole on the Wrestlecrap site, as well as in eBook form.

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